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In this new era, Class5 softswitch is being enormously popular in corporate world. It helps business to firmly connect it’s geographically spread offices. It provides a secure intranet access outside the office. With the help of this technology, enterprises minimize heavy cost on their expensive telecommunication and technology.

There are many benefits of using softswitches for business organizations. These switches facilitate seamless assimilation of varied networks and modules. They are easily adaptable to all sizes of organizations and can be easily deployed at lowest cost. Many service providers offer VoIP Softswitch platform without any need of investment by the business.

Advantages of choosing our Class5 Softswitch
• Reliable and easy to use
• Very secure against theft and hacking incidents
• Universal calling over IP network worldwide
• Cheapest call rates
• Fast and reliable performance
• Ability to call over any IP in the world
• Lower traffic congestion
• Better sound quality and clarity
• Minimal overhead
• Highly cost-effective
• Universally compatible with wide range of devices

We offer what’s best for your own VoIP business…Request free trial and check how each of these solutions would meet your expectations.

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