Most Advanced VoIP Billing telephony software in the market

buy and sell voip softswitch and voip billing sollution hare
VoIP Billing is the most secured and sensible decision for telecom administration suppliers who are investing heaps of cash and energy over the charging. Embracing this brilliant charging answer for your business will give you a chance to invest more energy and cash on the center issues of business so you can grow your business and improve your income. We are providing you services of bill increment, origination rates, termination rates, expiry of rates sheet etc

In VoIP Billing we have includes new splendid features like:

• Account and user management:
• Rate Management:
• LCR & Gateway Management
• Billing reports and invoice management
• Web Interface
• Calling Features
• DID Management
• IVR Management
• Redundant Architecture
• Additional Feature: multi currency support for balance, sign up, email notification, export data into PDF or Excel, SMS features with SMS Billing, PIN to PIN Balance Transfer, Mobile Top up.


For more information please contact :
Skype ID : adoreinfotech100
Toll Free -1 800 498 6429 for USA,
Tel : +91 - 9958611014, +91 - 120- 6471891
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