Beware of DIGITALVPS - this one-person company is a fraud!

buy and sell voip softswitch and voip billing sollution hare
All VoipSwitch-based solutions offered by digitalvps are NOT genuine - this guy hacks servers then resells them.

He sometimes goes by the name Moussa (he uses other alias ), used to call his company Tuelec and is based in Tunisia.

He is notorious for stealing money in 3 ways:
1. He simply takes the payment and does not deliver the modules that he claims to have or,
2. He delivers the server only to hack it after a few days or,
3. He delivers the server and wait until you configure your termination so he can transfer bulk traffic via your gateway and leave you penniless.

If you're already using an unlicensed voipswitch from him, contact us to replace it with a legal licensed solution.

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