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buy and sell voip softswitch and voip billing sollution hare
Wholesale VoIP Solution is the thing that an extensive part of the business visionaries considering to get for their business correspondence. Picking the correct Wholesale VoIP Service Provider is exceedingly basic and furthermore a mind-boggling undertaking. In this article, you will consider what to look for before selecting a Wholesale VoIP provider. From the essential gadgets to appropriate provider for your association, there are various things you should consider before finally continue with the organization.



• Pre-paid & Post-paid Calling Card and Residential Solution.
• VoIP Solution for Corporate Companies.
• Routing Types : Percentage based, LCR, Priority based, Fail Over, Prefix based
• Multiple Provider supported
• Multiple Gateway supported
• Add multiple SIP Providers
• Provide redundancy based on cost
• Strong LCR engine
• SIP Trace (Live & Historical)
• Multi currency support for Balance
• Real-time billing
• Multiple level reseller

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