Get More Revenue with Multi-Tenant Wholesale Softswitch

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Different associations have started extending their operations and numerous new business houses are attempting to advance in the to some degree new field of Wholesale VoIP. Since the voice over IP framework showed up in the spotlight, the media transmission industry has changed a ton. With the benefits that it gives as cost lessening, wholesalers have plunged into this field for better pick up and to offer solid administration.

In our Wholesale Softswitch have advanced features like Multiple level reseller, Multiple Provider supported,Multiple Gateway supported Routing Types : Percentage based, LCR, Priority based, Fail Over, Prefix based, SIP Trace (Live & Historical), ASR, ACD, PDD & MCD and many more.


Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More :

* Real-time billing
* Multiple level reseller
* Multiple provider creation & login
* Routing Types : Percentage based, LCR, Priority based, Fail Over, Prefix based
* Multiple Provider supported
* Multiple Gateway supported
* Add multiple SIP Providers
* SIP Trace (Live & Historical)
* Multi currency support for Balance
* Multi Language Support
* Provide redundancy based on cost
* Strong LCR engine
* Call Limitation per trunk
* Many trunks per provider
* Costs for provider routes based on area code
* Limitation channels by each provider

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