Choosing the Right VoIP Provider For Your Business

buy and sell voip softswitch and voip billing sollution hare
We have serve VoIP Product in since 2004 and we have very good and reliable VoIP software solution for your VoIP Business. We gives the full preparing and furthermore specialized help which empower its customers to get their business VoIP Phone systems up and running effectively. This is the most essential and extensive software package for any mini or huge VoIP solution provider. This bundle is evaluated considerably low in spite of all required software of VoIP Business.


Included System under VoIP Phone System:

* Class 5 Softswitch Wholesale / Ratail VoIP Switch

* Integrated VoIP Billing

* Callshop

* IPPBX System

* Branded Mobile Dialer with your own brand

* Customized Softphone with your own brand

* SMS Features with SMS Billing

* International GSM Mobile Topup

* Portable Top-Up

* Live Call Monitoring

* SMS Features with SMS Billing

For More Information about VoIP Phone System please contact us at :
or also you can contact us at Skype : adoreinfotech100
Phone: +91 – 120- 6471891
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