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Dear Sir,
We have developer Internet telephony services based on VoIP Billing. Benefits of VoIP billing solution,it gives speed, flexibility, and security of unified communications on your own network, it saves money by reducing travel expenses via Web conferencing, voice calls and other connecting methods, it improves the communication network, makes work from home easy, has various additional facilities.
VoIP Billing software can be implemented to collects, rates, taxes and bills voice and related services. VoIP is also available on many softphone personal computers and on internet enabled devices as on iphone/ ipad/ ipod, in androids, windows OS, All the iphone/ ipad/ ipod, Windows Phone and android apps easily work on Wi-Fi, 3g, 4g or LTE association.
This System Includes :
• SoftSwitch : Wholesale & Retail VoIP Switch
• VoIP Billing : Billing, Database & Web Interface
• Calling Card System
• PC Softphone
• iPhone Mobile Dialer
• Android Mobile Dialer
• Windows Phone 8 Mobile Dialer
• Fully integrated and redundant wholesale and retail voip swith
• Account and user management
• Rate Management
• LCR & Gateway Management
• Billing Reports and Invoice management
• Call Origination & Termination under one platform
• Transparently protocol conversion
• Media servers update without interruption
• Multi-level permissions for user's access to the system depending on user's profile
• Live console
• Hourly traffic report
• User-friendly web interface
• Intelligent routing
• Multiple routing to same IP
• Active calls status
• Support CSV format rate sheet modification & upload
• 24x7 support

For more information please contact :
Skype ID : banoj100
Yahoo ID : banoj100
Toll Free -1 800 498 6429 for USA,
Tel : +91 - 9958611014, +91 - 120- 6471891,

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