Cost effective, high performance and user friendly IPPBX Sys

are you owner of any voip products like (Skype, MagicJack, Teleblend, ViaTalk, Vonage, Fring, Nimbuzz) and many more then post your demand on this forums

We offer many in-built functions in our new IPPBX System such as Announcements, Call Queue, Call Transfer, Call Conference, Ring Groups, MOH (Music on Hold),Follow Me, IVR(Interactive voice response),Voice Email, Time Condition, Time Groups. The convergence of these functions on a single platform makes Adore IPPBX, a unique and powerful solution for service providers to effectively offer their competitive VoIP services.

Advantage of IPPBX System :
• Preparatory Expense Savings
• Unremitting Expense Savings
• Spatial Impendence
• Reliability
• Measurability
• Instant Setup
• Lack of Difficulty for Use
• Inbound Call Facility
• Outbound Call Facility
• Compatible with Call Centers
• Intelligent VoIP Call Management and Routing
• Control Revenue and Costs with Integrated Billing

For more information please contact :
Skype ID : adoreinfotech100
Toll Free -1 800 498 6429 for USA,
Tel : +91 - 9958611014, +91 - 120- 6471891,

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