Optima Dialer: Call Only On 6 kbps Speed

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Optima Dialer is a mobile VoIP App developed by Improlabs Pte Ltd. With the ability to deliver excellent voice quality even at 6 kbps bandwidth, Optima Dialer is the perfect choice for your mobile VoIP calling service. When used in combination with BytePlex tunneling module, Optima Dialer can bypass any firewall and can work from any country and network.
One-time and rental packages are available. Improlabs is offering Optima Dialer and BytePlex with a massive 25% grand opening discount, which is applicable for the all packages.

Key Features:
★ Crystal clear voice even at 6 kbps.
★ Users can choose between Low Bandwidth (6 kbps) and Normal Bandwidth modes.
★ Flexible packages, for one-time as well as rental subscriptions.
★ Displays account balance on the dialer screen.
★ Supports any SIP softswitch.
★ Ability to bypass network blockage and firewalls while being used with Byteplex module.
★ Customized branding facility.

For More Information
Please visit http://www.optimadialer.com
To Request Demo
Please visit http://www.optimadialer.com/resources/request-demo/
To Download Android Version
Please visit https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... labs.odial

To Purchase Optima Dialer
Please contact sales...
Skype: sales.improlabs
Web Chat: Live chat at http://www.optimadialer.com

Alternatively the customers can communicate via phone and email. Please visit
http://www.optimadialer.com/company/contact-us/ for contact details.

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