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are you owner of any voip products like (Skype, MagicJack, Teleblend, ViaTalk, Vonage, Fring, Nimbuzz) and many more then post your demand on this forums
It is our well-known bandwidth optimization service, used by call termination providers such as ISP, Carriers, LDI, Wholesale termination providers etc. in over 30 countries. It allows our clients to overcome many major issues in call termination, including:

Bandwidth constraints
Blocking issues and
Security issues

Optima Saver can reduce bandwidth consumption up to 80%. It will reduce bandwidth costs, while improving quality of voice termination. We can provide customized private label branding for Optima Saver to our customers as well.

To learn more about Optima Saver, please visit
For Requesting Demo/Subscription
Skype: sales.improlabs
Web Chat: Live chat at

Alternatively, the customers can communicate via phone and email. Please visit contact details.
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