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Ecosmob, known for rendering innovative VoIP solutions to its esteemed clients across the globe, provides cost effective Fax over IP solution to many enterprises. FoIP Solution is a software solution of Faxing, designed to provide real-time fax communication. Team at Ecosmob develops a fax server software, using VoIP technologies. FoIP users can either use local intranet or connect over internet cloud.

Key Features of FoIP Solution :

  • -Reduce spam faxes
  • -Block Unwanted numbers
  • -User Defined Fax Templates
  • -Store Faxes to view them later
  • -Auto forward of faxes in case of failure

To avail with our valuable FoIP solutions, contact us on below details.

Shoot an Email us on :

Call on : +1-303-997-3139

or Visit :
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