WebRTC Solution Bringing Effective Connectivity

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FreeSwitch service is a renowned VoIP Business solutions provider which offers cost-effective, high performance, secure solutions for various enterprises across the globe. This solution is an amalgamation of frictionless connectivity and easy-to-use web-enabled real-time communication. WebRTC client solution runs in any WebRTC enabled browser in any platform or OS. Thus, users do not need to install any plugins. What they require is WebRTC supported browser.

Features of WebRTC Client Software :

  • -Video and Audio Calling
  • -Data including files and images Sharing
  • -Screen Sharing
  • -Chatting

The WebRTC client software can offer robust security while providing easy-to-maintain communication platform.

to know how we can help you, contact us on below details:

Shoot an Email us on : sales@ecosmob.com

Call us on : +1-303-997-3139

or Visit : https://www.freeswitchservice.com/webrtcclientsoftware
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