Open Source Class 5 Softswitch Solution for Enterprises

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Class 5 SoftSwitch is an intelligent residential VoIP solution for VoIP Service Providers. It offers full-featured IP phone Solution to residential clients. A scalable Class 5 SoftSwitch solution offered by FreeSwitchservice integrates call routing, e-commerce, invoicing into one user-friendly platform.

Features of Class 5 VoIP Softswitch:

Tailored Class 5 VoIP Softswitch solutions can reduce heavy calling costs and boost the workflow. Some of the useful features of Class 5 Softswitch are:

-CDR (Call Detail Records)
-Call on hold
-Black/White list
-Number portability
-Feature-rich voice mail
-and Many More

Why choose us:

Ecosmob has a team of Class 5 Softswitch developers who strive for designing client-focused solutions for enterprises looking to offer VoIP services either through PBX system or direct connections. We also offer 24/7 technical assistance to the clients and give the flexibility to choose features as per their business models.

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