WebRTC Client : Web based Calling, Communication Solution

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Ecosmob’s WebRTC client is a new standard which brings voice and video communications to web browsers without additional client software and plugins.WebRTC client solution runs in any WebRTC enabled browser in any platform or OS. Thus, users do not need to install any plugins. What they require is WebRTC supported browser.

Key Features Offered By WebRTC Client Solution:

  • -Chatting
  • -Audio Calling
  • -Video Calling
  • -Screen Sharing
  • -Data Sharing (files/images)

Key Benefits Reaped From WebRTC Client Solution:

  • -Offers integration with PBX solutions
  • -Can be used in conferencing platforms
  • -Helps build peer-to-peer sharing platforms
  • -Can be used for customer service in various industries

For more information on WebRTC client solution, contact us on below details.

Email : sales@ecosmob.com

Call : +1-303-997-3139

Or Visit : https://www.ecosmob.com/webrtc-client/
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