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selling or buying used VoIP or Telephony equipments for buying and selling of your used or refurbished hardware (go voip, gateway, broadband phones, routers, switches etc) here
Dear Reseller,
Welcome to AvatiaTelecom,

Are you looking stable & best quality Reseller for endless talking with your beloved family?

We provide Best quality Reseller Level 1< Level2< Level3. So you can use our dialer to take care of your

For your satisfaction we provide facilities such as:

• FREE Trial before you buy
• Bank accounts in UAE, Bangladesh & Singapore
• Continue 24/7 Technical Support over Phone, Email and MSN/Skype

Our payment type is Prepay
All Asia, Middle-East, Africa
& many more

For more information, feel free to contact at:
Mail: eyacin@avatia.net
Phone: +8801766678137
Skype:- eyacin.avatia
Website: www.avatia.net
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